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Dijital Team

Our IDEAS Process


We understand what the future state of your business could look like with increased efficiency, and help you to map out the transformational journey


We design a custom IT team based on your specific requirements, fast tracking you to achieve your business objectives


We empower you with a highly skilled team enabling you to deliver efficiency and reduce costs


We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure your objectives are met

With over 10 years in successfully building offshore teams globally, we know that every business calls for an easy and streamlined process to build the best IT team so you can build your best business.

We take your requirements, complexities, and unique goals and:

    Design your IT A-Team based on your business profile
    Complete the onboarding and induction process and deliver ongoing support
    Design flexible work schedules that provide 24/7 coverage for your business
    Recruit high quality IT professionals to suit your unique technical and cultural requirements
    Supply the necessary technology and equipment to your team
    Take care of HR, payroll, and government compliance

You manage their day-to-day - we manage everything else.

Dijital Team Culture

Workplace culture is the difference between a revolving door of staff with mixed results, and a team full of happy, motivated, and effective professionals achieving maximum value for your business.


We take care to cultivate teams that:

    Ensure your team is the right fit for your business’s culture
    Guide your team through professional development and ongoing learning opportunities
    Nurture your team and support and motivate them to deliver results
    Maintain high retention levels through workplace satisfaction and reward and recognition programs



Fully equipped teams ready to deliver

When you add up the cost of time and money to equip your IT team with everything that they need to deliver results from day one, the tally is substantial.


That’s why we take on the responsibility of providing your team members with:

    High performance laptops
    High-speed connectivity
    Security monitored IT infrastructure
    Dual monitors
    Enterprise IT equipment
    Customisable hardware and software

Your team is fitted out with high quality equipment and resources to hit the ground running and deliver results instantly.


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