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How Fast is the Internet in Sri Lanka?

How Fast is the Internet in Sri Lanka?

When considering offshoring your IT talent, a common question that arises is: "How fast is the internet over there?" This concern applies to Sri Lanka as well, especially for decision-makers in the IT sector who rely heavily on seamless connectivity for remote work. At Dijital Team, we understand this concern and here is the clarity and assurance you seek. 


High-Speed Connectivity 

Sri Lanka has made significant strides in its telecommunications infrastructure over the past decade. The country boasts robust internet speeds that can easily support the demands of remote work. As of recent data, SLT Fiber, one of the leading internet service providers in Sri Lanka, offers an impressive average download speed of 100 Mbps and an even more remarkable upload speed of 80Mbps. 

Look at this random speed test done using speedtest.net on one of our staff member’s SLTMobitel fibre – home internet connection below:  


image (4)


International and Regional Connectivity 

Sri Lanka’s internet backbone is supported by extensive international connectivity through four major global submarine cable systems: SEA-ME-WE 5, SEA-ME-WE 4, SEA-ME-WE 3, and the FiberOptic Link Around the Globe (FLAG). Additionally, four regional submarine cables—the Bharat Lanka, Dhiraagu, Bay of Bengal Gateway, and Maldives Sri Lanka cable systems—further enhance the country’s connectivity. All eight cable systems connect to five landing stations owned by three telecom operators: SLTMobitel, Lanka Bell, and Dialog Axiata. 


Future-Proof Infrastructure 

The recently proposed South-East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 6 (SEA-ME-WE 6) project is expected to provide an additional 12 Tbps bandwidth capacity, further strengthening Sri Lanka's existing connectivity backbone. This investment underscores the country's commitment to maintaining and improving its digital infrastructure, ensuring that it can meet future demands for high-speed, reliable internet connectivity. 


Comparable to Global Standards 

To put this into perspective, these speeds are on par with, and in some cases, exceed the average internet speeds available in many developed countries. For businesses in Australia looking to offshore IT services, this means you can expect high-quality, uninterrupted service from your Sri Lankan talent. Whether it’s for cloud-based development, real-time collaboration, or video conferencing, the internet infrastructure in Sri Lanka is more than capable of handling it. 

 Global Connectivity


Reliable and Redundant 

Beyond speed, reliability is another critical factor. Sri Lanka's internet infrastructure is built with redundancy and robustness in mind. The presence of multiple undersea cables and a resilient national network ensures minimal downtime and consistent performance. This reliability is essential for managed service providers (MSPs) and technology service providers (TSPs) who depend on uninterrupted connectivity for their operations. 


Affordable and Widely Adopted 

Sri Lanka ranks 7th globally in terms of affordable data connection, making internet connectivity widely adopted across the island. This affordability is underpinned by comprehensive 4G coverage, ensuring that high-speed internet is accessible even in remote areas. For businesses, this means a broader talent pool with reliable internet access, ready to meet your IT needs. 


Embracing the Digital Future 

Sri Lanka is not just keeping up with the digital age; it's embracing it with open arms. The government and private sector continuously invest in upgrading the country's ICT infrastructure, making it a hub for tech talent and digital innovation. This commitment to technological advancement ensures that the internet speeds and overall digital environment will only improve in the coming years. 

Recently, SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet service received preliminary approval to operate in Sri Lanka. This initiative will deliver a fast internet service as well as to the education, research, tourism, fisheries, and agriculture sectors while also providing global access via this internet facility, according to State Minister of Technology Kanaka Herath. Find out more here.  


Final Thoughts 

At Dijital Team, we are committed to providing you with the best offshore IT talent, and we understand that internet speed and reliability are paramount for your day-to-day business operations. Sri Lanka's impressive internet speeds, robust infrastructure, and affordable connectivity make it an ideal location for offshoring your IT needs. By choosing Sri Lanka, you are not only tapping into a pool of highly skilled professionals but also leveraging a digital infrastructure that supports and enhances remote work. Let us help you harness this potential and drive your business forward with confidence.